Integrated Rail Group’s partnership with Northeast Freight Transfer combines more than 35 years of railroad and intermodal terminal services.


Terminal Services: Experience matters

Since the beginning 20 years ago, our team manages and operates class-one intermodal terminals in the northeast handling over 50,000 lifts per year. From newly created start-ups to re-tooling existing operations, we know what it takes to develop a safe efficient terminal operation and can work with railroads, steamship companies, and port authorities to develop and execute the right operating plan everyday.


Terminal Services: A model beyond the ordinary

Unlike most terminal operators, we go beyond the norm to offer our clients a cost-effective operation with complete turn-key solutions, to include:

  • In/Out gate equipment process and inspections
  • Ownership and operations of Hostler Equipment and Services
  • Operations of various intermodal overhead and side lift machines
  • Maintenance of intermodal assets and terminal equipment
  • Daily involvement with safety requirements and training
  • Actively training and promoting personnel within intermodal terminal operations
  • Management and ownership control of equipment pools
  • Complete rail switching services
  • Railcar maintenance
  • Logistics and transportation services


Terminal Service: A safe operation is success

We understand what our clients want and need to have a successful terminal operation. Safety is the foundation of our Success! Having our clients know their vendor is focused on safety, means our clients don’t have to worry about unplanned expenses and terminal delays. Our safe operations keep our bottom line costs down to increase shareholder value for our clients.

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